How To Find And Battle Challengers In Pokemon GO


Are you interested in learning how to find and battle Challengers in Pokemon GO? Pokemon GO Challengers are unique Pokemon GO NPCs that pop up in-game from time to time, ready to take on any Trainers that dare approach them. Defeated Pokemon GO Challengers divvy out a variety of rewards, and taking Challengers on is typically a part of Timed Research. So, if you’re on the hunt for Challengers, here’s what you need to know about how to find and battle Challengers in Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon GO Challengers: What Are They?


Pokemon GO Challengers are NPC Trainers that, upon defeat, grant all sorts of utility items and other rewards. They only appear during special events such as Pokemon GO Tours and, more recently, the Pokemon GO World Championships Event 2022.

Pokemon GO Challengers: Where To Find Them


Pokemon GO Challengers hang out at PokeStops. Challengers appear at random, but they’re pretty common overall. Venture over to your local PokeStops when Challengers are out and about, and you’ll surely encounter a few.

Pokemon GO Challengers: How To Challenge Them


Approach a PokeStop with a Challenger at it, and they’ll invite you to battle. Pokemon GO Challengers have an arsenal of Pokemon at their disposal, so you won’t always face the same lineup. However, Challengers don’t have access to Protect Shields, so defeating them is an easy task for a seasoned Trainer.

Pokemon GO Challengers: Rewards


Defeating these NPCs will net you bundles of useful items like Poke Balls, Potions, Berries, and Stardust. 

Under certain circumstances, beating Challengers will also unlock event-exclusive items. For example, if you battle two Challengers during the Pokemon GO World Championships Event 2022, you’ll earn an Elite Fast TM. Make it four Challengers to get an Elite Charged TM. Defeat all six of these temporary Challengers, and a World Championships 2022 Pikachu will appear for you to capture.

That’s all there is to know about how to find and battle Challengers in Pokemon GO. Keep an eye out for special events like the Pokemon GO World Championships Event for opportunities to dual Challengers and earn limited-time rewards.

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