How To Get All Furfrou Forms In Pokemon GO

Images via The Pokemon Company | Niantic

Are you curious as to how to get all the Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO? Furfrou is a unique Pokemon because you can trim its coat to change its appearance. With ten different Pokemon GO Furfrou Forms, Furfrou is undeniably the most fashionable Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Let’s review how to get all the Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO.

How To Catch Furfrou In Pokemon GO

The best way to catch Furfrou in Pokemon GO is by encountering it out in the wild. The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day 2023 event is an especially ideal time to hunt for Furfrou, as it’ll appear more frequently in the wild throughout the duration of the event.

Furfrou encountered in the wild will always appear in its Natural Forms.

How To Get All Furfrou Forms In Pokemon GO

There are ten different Forms that Furfrou can transform into in Pokemon GO. Unlocking all of Furfrou’s Forms doesn’t rely on completing any tasks or challenges. Instead, the ability to access the majority of the Furfrou Forms Trainers is dependent on what region the Trainer currently resides in.

Below is a list of all the Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO and how to get each Form:

  • Natural Form: available globally
  • Matron Trim: available globally
  • Dandy Trim: available globally
  • Debutante Trim: available in the Americas
  • Diamond Trim: available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Star Trim: available in the Asia-Pacific
  • La Reine Trim: available in France
  • Kabuki Trim: available in Japan
  • Pharaoh Trim: available in Egypt
  • Heart Trim: available during the Valentine’s Day 2023 event

Heart Trim Furfrou is the only Pokemon GO Furfrou Form that is event-exclusive, not region-exclusive.

How To Change Furfrou Forms In Pokemon GO

To change your Furfrou’s Form in Pokemon GO, select it in your Pokemon storage. After that, tap the Change Form button to view a list of all available Trims. Choose the Form you want your Furfrou to swap into and press the Change Form button twice more to confirm your selection.

You can Trim your Furfrou as many times as you want, however, each transformation will set you back 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust. With this in mind, it’s best to be sure of your decision before committing!

Acquiring all the Furfrou Forms is a lot of work, but it’s not impossible. If you like to constantly Trim your Furfrou and change its Forms, you will need to save up Furfrou Candy and Stardust, plus do quite a bit of travelling – or trading!

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