Pokemon GO Shadow Raids explained: What are they, how to access & more

Images via Niantic

Pokemon GO Shadow Raids are a brand-new type of Raid Battle coming to Pokemon GO. Like other Raid Battles, Shadow Raids challenge Pokemon GO Trainers to work together to defeat powerful Pokemon to earn rewards and an opportunity to capture the Raid Pokemon. This primer will review everything we know about Pokemon GO Shadow Raids.

How to access Pokemon GO Shadow Raids


To get into a Shadow Raid in Pokemon GO, you will need a special Raid Pass designed specifically for Shadow Raids. These Raid Passes for Shadow Raids will likely cost PokeCoins, and there may be restrictions as to how many you can use per day and hold in your inventory at a time.

Those that like to take on Raid Battles from the comfort of their homes will be happy to know that you can participate in Shadow Raids remotely.

What to expect from Pokemon GO Shadow Raids


As you’d expect from the name, Shadow Raids are Raid Battles featuring Shadow Pokemon. Previously, the only way to get Shadow Pokemon was to defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts, Leaders, and Giovanni. Now, Trainers can take on Shadow Raids for a chance to capture these inflicted Pokemon.

Shadow Raids feature five different levels, meaning Trainers will need to take on increasingly-powerful Raid Pokemon before encountering the ultimate test. Your efforts won’t be in vain though, because Shadow Raids award extra XP compared to standard raids.

What’s special about Pokemon GO Shadow Pokemon?


There’s more that differentiates Shadow Pokemon from regular Pokemon than just their looks. Shadow Pokemon receive a Shadow Bonus that increases their Attack but lowers their Defence. Furthermore, all captured Shadow Pokemon know the attack Frustration.

If you want to free a Shadow Pokemon from its wicked constraints, you can purify Shadow Pokemon and create Purified Pokemon. Purifying Shadow Pokemon is one of the best ways to get Perfect Pokemon.

Remember, much of the information on Pokemon GO Shadow Raids come from Pokemon GO data miners. Niantic itself has yet to announce Shadow Raids or provide any firm details. With that, there is no set release date for Shadow Raids, and it’s possible that the leaks don’t tell the full story of Shadow Raids.

Shadow Raids are an exciting proposition, but it might take a while before Niantic actually implements Shadow Raids into Pokemon GO. Until then, you will have to stick to battling Team GO Rocket to get your fix of Shadow Pokemon!

Pokemon Team Rocket Takeovers are a wonderful introduction to Shadow Pokemon.