Pokemon GO Size Variants Explained

Images via Niantic

Pokemon in Pokemon GO come in all shapes and sizes. More specifically, there are five different size variants of Pokemon that you can encounter in Pokemon GO. But what does size affect in Pokemon GO?

This guide will review all the Pokemon GO size variants, how to tell what size a Pokemon is, and whether or not size has an impact on a Pokemon’s prowess.

All Pokemon GO Size Variants


Pokemon in Pokemon GO exist in five different sizes. The Pokemon GO size variants include:

  • XXS
  • XS
  • Average
  • XL
  • XXL

All Pokemon in Pokemon GO are available in XS, Average, and XL sizes. XXS and XXL Pokemon were just recently discovered. These atypical sizes have been observed in Poochyena, Mightyena, and Mawile. Niantic hints that other Pokemon may have undiscovered sizes too.

How To Tell What Size A Pokemon Is In Pokemon GO


To check a Pokemon’s size in Pokemon GO, select it and view its details. If it’s XS, XL, XXS, or XXL, it’ll be indicated beside the Pokemon’s height/weight.

New in Pokemon GO, sizes will also be tracked in the Pokedex. Once you catch at least three of any Pokemon, your Pokedex will start to display your records for the smallest, largest, lightest, and heaviest Pokemon that you have caught. And when you catch a new Pokemon that exceeds your previous size record, you will receive a celebratory message!

When it comes to XXS and XXL Pokemon, you can visually tell them apart from their counterparts. When you observe XXS or XXL Pokemon in an encounter or journey with them as your Buddy, the difference will be noticeable! Also, when you run into one of these abnormally-sized Pokemon, you’ll be faced with a unique encounter animation, plus receive a text notification commenting on its irregular size.

Does Size Matter In Pokemon GO?


While your Team Leader will comment on the size of your Pokemon when you appraise it, and there are achievements for catching a certain number of XS Rattata and XS Magikarp, size doesn’t matter in Pokemon GO.

Size is a neat characteristic to differentiate Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but it does not affect gameplay or your Pokemon’s stats.

So, now you know all there is to know about size variants in Pokemon GO. Seek out elusive XXS and XXL Pokemon and break those size records!

You will need to plan ahead if you hope to conquer a Pokemon GO Elite Raid.