Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes: How To Catch Ultra Beasts

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Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes are mysterious passageways used by Ultra Beasts to travel between Ultra Space and the Pokemon World. If you see an Ultra Wormhole in Pokemon GO, an Ultra Beast is on its way. So, to catch the otherworldly Ultra Beasts, you’ll need to know where to find Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes.

What Is A Pokemon GO Ultra Wormhole?


Ultra Wormholes are portals that allow extra-dimensional Pokemon called Ultra Beasts to emerge from Ultra Space into the Pokemon World.

Where To Find Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes


Ultra Wormholes appear at Gyms just before an Ultra Beast Raid is set to take place. Instead of Eggs, you’ll see an Ultra Wormhole.

To find Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO, visit the Nearby Menu and look for a symbol depicting a portal. Whenever the timer ends, an Ultra Beast will pop up. Ultra Wormholes typically only appear during special events, so keep an eye on the Pokemon GO News to stay up to date on when Ultra Wormholes might form and which Ultra Beasts will crawl through.

Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes: All Pokemon GO Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts possess extreme power and are exceptionally rare. Currently, there are six Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO, with five more set to slip through Ultra Wormholes in the near future.

Released Pokemon GO Ultra Beasts



  • Type:  Rock/Poison
  • Codename: UB-01 Symbiont


  • Type: Bug/Fighting
  • Codename: UB-02 Beauty


  • Type: Bug/Fighting
  • Codename: UB-02 Absorption


  • Type: Electric
  • Codename: UB-03 Lighting


  • Type: Steel/Flying
  • Codename: UB-04 Blaster


  • Type: Grass/Steel
  • Codename: UB-04 Blade

Unreleased Pokemon GO Ultra Beasts


  • Type: Dark/Ghost
  • Codename: UB-05 Adhesive


  • Type: Poison
  • Codename: UB Adhesive


  • Type: Poison/Dragon
  • Codename: UB Stinger


  • Type: Rock/Steel
  • Codename: UB Assembly


  • Type: Fire/Ghost
  • Codename: UB Burst

Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes: How To Catch Ultra Beasts In Pokemon GO


Ultra Beasts are some of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO. So far, the existing Ultra Beasts have only been made available for a limited time through GO Fest events, like the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Finale Event, and now, through Ultra Wormholes.

To catch Ultra Beasts, you’ll need to wait for them outside an Ultra Wormhole and take them on in battle via a Five-Star Raid. To succeed in this endeavour, you’ll need to stock up on Raid Passes, prepare a worthy party, and recruit formidable Trainers to fight alongside you.

After defeating an Ultra Beast in a Raid, you’ll have an opportunity to capture it. Based on your performance in the Raid, you’ll be awarded a limited number of Premier Balls to use in your efforts to capture the conquered Ultra Beast.

In the past, it’s been possible to encounter Ultra Beasts through Special/Timed Research. That wasn’t the case with the latest Ultra Beasts, but it may happen again when Guzzlord, Poiple, Naganadel, Stakataka, and Blacephalon arrive through the Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes.

Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes are few and far between, so if you run into one, make sure to take the opportunity to battle and capture the Ultra Beast that materialises from it.

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