Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event: Get Codes For Genesect, Volcanion, And Marshadow

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A brand-new Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event for Sword and Shield offers Trainers the opportunity to bolster their party with three rare and powerful Pokemon. By visiting various video game retailers scattered across Europe, Pokemon Sword and Shield players can get codes for Genesect, Volcanion, and Marshadow. You won’t want to miss this Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event!

Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event: Dates

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Mythical Distribution Event is live now and will run until September 30, 2022.

Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event: Genesect, Volcanion, And Marshadow


This limited-time Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event features codes redeemable in Pokemon Sword and Shield for three Mythical Pokemon. Below you’ll find a brief background on the Pokemon in question:


Genesect is a Bug/Steel Mythical Pokemon capable of many different elemental attacks, depending on what type of Drive you insert into the cannon on its back. Genesect is sometimes referred to as the ‘Paleozoic Pokemon’.


Volcanion is a Fire/Water Mythical Pokemon known by many as the ‘Steam Pokemon’ because it can expel steam from the arms on its back and disappear into the ensuing fog.


Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost Mythical Pokemon. Marshadow is humanoid in appearance and also known as the ‘Gloomdweller Pokemon’.

Neither Genesect, Volcanion, nor Marshadow exists in the wilds of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The only way to get these Pokemon is by transferring them via Pokemon HOME, trading, or through special event codes.

Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event: Where To Get Codes For Genesect, Volcanion, And Marshadow


The codes for this Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event are available in select stores across Europe. Below, you’ll find a list of participating countries and stores:

  • UK – GAME
  • France – Micromania
  • Netherlands – GameMania
  • Belgium – GameMania
  • Spain – GAME
  • Italy – GameStop
  • Ireland – GameStop
  • Germany – GameStop

Simply visit one of the participating stores and request the codes for Genesect, Volcanion, and Marshadow. Get there while supplies last, and they’ll hand you a card with all three Mythical Distribution Event codes printed on it. No purchase is necessary, either!

Pokemon Mythical Distribution Event: How To Redeem Codes In-Game


To claim Genesect, Volcanion, and Marshadow in-game on Pokemon Sword and Shield, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Launch Pokemon Sword and Shield
  2. Press ‘X’ to open the menu and then select the ‘Mystery Gift’ icon
  3. Choose ‘Get a Mystery Gift’
  4. Select the option to ‘Get with Code/Password’
  5. Enter each of the three Mythical Distribution Event codes, one by one
  6. Watch as Genesect, Volcanion, and Marshadow appear in your party or your Pokemon Boxes

Remember to save your game afterwards!

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet right around the corner, these Mythical Pokemon are worth scooping now more than ever. Pokemon has a history of allowing Trainers to transfer their collection between games. So, you might be able to bring Genesect, Volcanion, and Marshadow with you on your adventures through the Pokemon Paldea region!

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