Pokemon Red & Blue Themed New Nintendo 3DS Launching Next Month

In celebration of Pokemon’s 20th year anniversary, Nintendo are releasing a Pokemon Red & Pokemon Blue 3DS bundle.

The special edition bundle contains the white coloured New Nintendo 3DS system, pre-installed versions of both Pokemon Red & Blue, and 2 sets of cover plates based on the games’ original cover art.

The announcement was officially made via the Pokemon’s official Youtube account (check out the video below). The video also shows additional news in homage to the series’ long reigning milestone, such as: distributing legendary Pokemon for Pokemon X, Y, OR & AS – starting with Mew [from the month of February], as well as a new series of Pokemon TGC.

No exact date has yet been given for the release, but seeing as Pokemon Red & Blue are due for a Virtual Console release on February 27th, that date would be a fair assumption for the release of the bundle as well.

Following from this news today, Nintendo have confirmed western releases for the previously revealed Pokemon 2DS themed consoles, based on Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow. The 2DS units will include both the colour-related game and a theme of their respective version.


Either way, it won’t be too long before you can set out from Pallet Town to re-catch ’em all!

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