Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Auto Battles, Explained

The Lechonk population is quivering.

A recent trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced fans to the ‘auto battle’ mechanic. This is a common feature in many JRPGs, but is the first time it’s been a part of the Pokemon franchise. Here’s everything Trainers need to know about Auto Battles as they explore the Paldea region.

What Is The Auto Battle Mechanic?

Sprigatito ready to bbq a Lechonk

Auto Battles are a new way to battle wild Pokemon. Somewhat tested in Pokemon Legends Arceus, players can throw a Pokeball at any wild Pokemon to activate a battle. However, unlike the aforementioned game, you won’t need to give any further orders while “Let’s Go!” Auto Battles are initiated. This frees you up to explore on your own terms – finding items, chatting with NPCs, or just watching as your lovable team destroys the natural ecosystems of Paldea.

You can earn EXP and items via Auto Battles, although at a reduced rate compared to trainer-controlled battles. This mechanic will also allow you to discover hard-to-find Pokemon and items, so it’s worth sending your Mon’s to scout the road ahead.

Why Are Auto Battles Only Just Coming to Pokemon?

A trainer commanding his Pokemon to attack wild Pokemon

The battle screen has been an iconic part of Pokemon since its release in 1996. This was due to hardware limitations at the time – Game Boy games could only display 40 sprites on-screen, with the additional limitation of no more than 10 sprites on the same line. By launching into a different interface and unloading the overworld, developers could put more detail into battles. However, as technology has developed, the Pokemon franchise stuck to its roots. With the introduction of walking Pokemon, and eventually overworld Pokemon, random encounters were long overdue an evolution of their own.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the Nintendo Switch are nearly here!

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