How To Get Chi-Yu In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

If you want to complete the Pokedex in Scarlet and Violet, you’ll need to learn how to get Chi-Yu, one of the four Ruinous Pokemon. This Fire/Dark fish is a hidden legendary Pokemon, and it can be found in the northeast of Paldea.

This guide will show you the locations of all the blue stakes you’ll need to pull out of the earth to unlock Chi-Yu’s shrine!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Chi-Yu: Finding The Stakes

If you want to get Chi-Yu you’ll need to find the blue stakes in the northeast. Once pulled, Chi-Yu’s shrine will open and you can battle the Pokemon.

Here are all the locations for the eight stakes required to unlock the shrine. You should complete the Titans before you go venturing for these stakes because some may be a lot easier to find if you can climb or swim to them.

  1. In some ruins near the eastern edge of the map.

2. Atop a hill to the east of Glaseado Mountain.

scarlet and violet chi-yu

3. Hidden by a tree to the northeast of Glaseado Mountain.

scarlet and violet chi-yu

4. Overlooking the Bamboo Forest, near the Pokemon Center by the Team Star Fighting crew.

scarlet and violet chi-yu

5. In the northern side of Tagtree Thicket, up high by a tree.

scarlet and violet chi-yu

6. Below Glaseado Mountain in a small patch of grass.

scarlet and violet chi-yu

7. Above Levincia, atop a hill near the lighthouse to the east.

scarlet and violet chi-yu

8. Atop the big waterfall in Bamboo Forest, near Chi-Yu’s shrine.

How To Get Chi-Yu: Catching It

Now all that remains is to travel to the shrine. It’s a good idea to turn off autosave and save beforehand to ensure you don’t accidentally defeat it before you catch it.

You’ll find Chi-Yu’s shrine in a cave at the top of the Bamboo Forest waterfall you pulled a stake from earlier. It’s kinda tucked away but just look for the small body of water and it will lead you into the cave.

Chi-Yu can be quite annoying to catch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, especially when it starts using Bounce. It’s level 60, and putting it to sleep or paralyzing it will help. Use Ultra Balls or other good Pokeballs for a better chance of catching it.

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