Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Photo Mode Guide

Looking for a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet photo mode guide? Don’t worry, we can help you out in a snap! Who among us hasn’t snapped a pic or two of those adorable foxes in Ghost of Tsushima? The same logic applies to the hundreds of Pokemon roaming the Paldea region, so let’s get into the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet photo mode.

Pokemon has never been a series renowned for its crisp graphical fidelity. Far from it – fans were in an uproar before the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield because of a ‘PS2-era tree’. It’s arguably worse now Pokemon is trying to go fully open-world, although it has its moments.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Photo Mode

Selfie mode in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Photo Mode
Image Credit: Game Freak / The Pokemon Company / Nintendo

It was just a matter of time before a photo mode was introduced to the mainline series after transitioning to 3D. Paldeas lush Spanish fields and colourful characters seem like a perfect opportunity to launch the feature. And no, the Photo Mode in Pokemon Legends: Arceus isn’t what we’re talking about, and you know it.

First revealed in a new trailer on 6th October, the Camera App will let players take photos of their loveable Pokemon and the world around them. No doubt, taking a cute snap with your Mum will become a requirement for any Gen 9 Nuzlocke runs. There’s also a selfie mode, allowing you to show off your Trainer’s personal style. Work it.

Photo Mode Guide

Players will be able to access photo mode once they hit the Poco Path Lighthouse. Here are some quick tips on using it:

  • Press ‘Down’ on the Nintendo Switch D-Pad to activate Pokemon Scarlet and Violet photo mode
  • Pressing ‘B’ takes trainers out of photo mode
  • ‘A’ hides the photo mode guide
  • Use ‘L’ or ‘R’ shoulder buttons to pan the camera
  • Press ‘R’ to take a photo
  • Hold ‘R’ to reset the camera

Now go and take some pictures of the vast land of Paldea and the near-infinite glitches it holds with the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet photo mode.

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