Where To Find Igglybuff In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Igglybuff is one of the cutest Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Here’s where to find and evolve the adorable creature.
Igglybuff Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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Igglybuff is one of the cutest creatures you’ll find in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This baby monster is located near the beginning of the game, so it will fairly easy to discover. Here’s exactly where you’ll see an Igglybuff in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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Igglybuff Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Location

Igglybuff Location Scarlet & Violet
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You can spot the tiny pink puffballs around the town of Cortondo, the home of the bug-type gym. The area is west of Mesagoza. As the Igglybuff are relatively small, looking within the grass and you’ll spot their pink-coloured skin standing out among the green blades.

The Igglybuff are easy to catch. Paralyze or make one go to sleep and then throw your Pokeball to succeed in catching this adorable Pokemon. You can also find Jigglypuff hanging out around Cortondo as well. They’re at Level 7-10 around this area though, so you’ll need them to level up in order to beat Nemona.

What Do Igglybuff And Jigglypuff Drop In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Igglybuff Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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If you’re able to defeat or catch an Igglybuff or Jigglypuff in battle, they will drop valuable resources for you. For example, the Igglybuff Fluff can help you form the TMs Draining Kiss and Metronome, two essential moves for the pink species of Pokemon. Thankfully, the Igglybuff can’t evolve into the Jigglypuff that draws on peoples’ faces with a Sharpee. We can change into the best outfit in peace.

What Does Igglybuff Evolve Into?

Jigglypuff Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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Igglybuff is the baby Pokemon that can evolve into Jigglypuff, the creature many know from its appearance in Super Smash Bros. To do that, you’ll need to evolve it through a high friendship rate. After that, Jigglypuff grows in height dramatically as it turns into Wigglytuff by using a Moon Stone. It’s definitely not as easy as just levelling the character, but you should be able to find a Moon Stone as a rare drop around cliffside locations in the open world.

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