Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift Codes

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift Codes (1)

Are you looking for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift codes? Similar to the previous entries in the Pokemon videogame franchise, Scarlet and Violet also offer Mystery Gift codes that players can claim to get a myriad of free rewards, including free in-game items, cosmetics, and other things. Continue reading our Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift codes guide to learn about every available code and how to redeem it. 

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift Codes

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet offer two types of Mystery Gift codes; the first option should not even be called a Mystery Gift code as you click on the option “Get via Internet” to claim it for free, no code required. 

Meanwhile, the other option, “Get with Code/Password,” is where you can enter your pre-order bonus code or any other Mystery Gift code or password you got by purchasing or pre-ordering the game. 

You can use the same option to claim the working Mystery Gift codes shared with all players for free during certain events and occasions. 

When writing this article, there are no global Mystery Gift codes for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet. The available ones are obtained using the Get via Internet option for free or are exclusive codes that only one player can claim.

That said, here are all Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift codes:

Mystery Gift codeContentsExpiry
No code requiredPikachu (Tera Type: Flying)February 28, 2023
No code requiredAdventure Pack (Medicine, Full Healing, Recovery, Ether, Rare Candy, and Nugget.)February 28, 2023
Code obtained from Double Pack200 Poke BallsNA

Note: Mystery Gift codes are subject to expiration. Make sure to redeem them at the earliest opportunity.

We will update the Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift codes list with new codes whenever they are made available. 

How To Redeem Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift Codes

Once you complete the Pokemon Scarlet And Violet tutorial, reach the main town, and have the Mystery Gift option unlocked, you can claim Mystery Gift codes. And here is how you can do that:

  • Press the X button to open the menu. 
  • Select the “Poke Portal” option. 
  • Choose the “Mystery Gift” option. 
  • Select “Get via Internet” to claim available free Mystery Gifts.
  • Select “Get with Code/Password” to claim a Mystery Gift code.
  • Enter the Mystery Gift code.
  • Claim the freebies.  

That concludes our guide on Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift codes. 

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