How To Get Ting-Lu In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Your Pokedex won’t be complete in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, unless you learn how to get Ting-Lu, one of the four Ruinous Pokemon. Ting-Lu is a hidden legendary Pokemon, and it can be found in the northwest of Paldea in and around Casseroya Lake.

This guide will show you the locations of all the stakes you’ll need to pull out of the earth to unlock Ting-Lu’s shrine in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How To Get Ting-Lu

To unlock Ting-Lu’s shrine, you’ll need to pull 8 stakes from the earth. Once you’ve found them all, you’ll be notified that the shrine is open.

Here’s where you can find each of the stakes you’ll need to unlock Ting-Lu’s shrine. Just bear in mind that you should complete the Titans before you go venturing for these stakes as some may be a lot easier to find if you can climb or swim to them.

  1. In the middle of Casseroya Lake on the biggest island.
scarlet and violet ting-lu

2. Just below the island from the first stake location, on a smaller island.

scarlet and violet ting-lu

3. In the cave between Asado Desert and Casseroya Lake, on a rocky pillar.

scarlet and violet ting-lu

4. By the riverside above the cave from stake 3.

scarlet and violet ting-lu

5. Among a bunch of spiral stones near some ruins to the north east of Casseroya.

scarlet and violet ting-lu

6. On a ledge overlooking the ocean to the west of Casseroya.

scarlet and violet ting-lu

7. Where the river connects to Glaseado Mountain, at the top of a waterfall.

scarlet and violet ting-lu

8. Near the edge of the snowy mountain, to the east of Socarrat Trail and Ting-Lu’s shrine.

How To Get Ting-Lu: Catching It

Now that you’ve found the stakes, travel to Ting-Lu’s shrine by the Socarrat Trail. It’s waiting for you in the middle of that area down a slope.

It’s a good idea to turn off autosave and save before you fight Ting-Lu to ensure you don’t accidentally defeat it before you catch it.

Ting-Lu is a Dark/Ground type and cannot be paralysed, so your best move might be putting it to sleep to increase your odds of a catch. It’s level 60, and it’s hard to catch, so use Ultra Balls or other good Pokeballs for the best chance.

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