Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Union Circle Explained

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Do you want to set up a Union Circle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Each Pokemon game offers some new mechanic that previous instalments haven’t. We’ve had mega evolutions – which we all sorely miss, Z-moves, and now we’ve got terrastralising. But something that people have long since hoped for in a Pokemon game, so much so there’s a hugely popular Pokemon fan-MMO game, is multiplayer.

Whilst previous games have always allowed for battles between players, and even co-op battles in raids, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the first instalment that allows fully co-operative gameplay – in the game, it is referred to as the Union Circle. When you and three other players can share the same world and interact with it together. Here’s how to set up a Union Circle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How To Set Up A Union Circle

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Being able to get into a co-op session – or Union Circle – is unlocked very early in the game. So early that you can do it as soon as you reach the first Pokemon Center. But seeing as it unlocks so early, there are limitations on what you can do at this point in the game. It might be best to get through the early hours of the game and get set loose into the world first before you invite your friends – potentially limiting their gameplay. . anything, make sure you are playing in online mode before trying to set up a Union Circle. Once you’re ready to set up a Union Circle, head to a Pokemon Center and interact with the yellow kiosk or open the menu and head to the Poke Portal. From here, choose Union Circle and can either set up a lobby or join one. To access the lobby you will need a four-digit code.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: What Can You Do In A Union Circle?

The main attraction to playing co-op is getting to enjoy the game with your friends. You can choose how to enjoy it, but there are a number of activities made for union circles. In particular, terra-raids, which can be enjoyed by four players. You can also battle and trade with your friends, and explore the world all the while still continuing your own story and progress.

There you have it. Union Circles are, simply put, co-op gameplay to enjoy with your friends.

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