Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: What Does ‘Cheugy’ Mean?

Are you confused about what Cheugy means in 1? So are we. During your time at Uva Academy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll become closer to your classmates and teachers by interacting with them outside of lessons.

A red exclamation mark will appear on the school map if there’s a friendship event available to view. These can lead to fascinating new quests and loads more. Plus, it fuels the try-hard student in me.

Shortly after you enrol at the Academy, you can visit the mysterious Director Clavell in his office. Being called to the Director’s Office usually doesn’t have excellent outcomes, but I genuinely think I would rather be expelled than sit through this painful conversation again.

In perhaps the most ‘fellow kids’ moment in video game history, he asks you what ‘cheugy’ means, in a desperate attempt to stay ‘hip’ and ‘cool’.

Thankfully, because we’re not living in 2018 anymore, the word ‘cheugy’ has vanished from cultural significance. This word has nothing to do with Pokemon, or even Paldea. Clavell, you absolute madman.

What Does ‘Cheugy’ Mean?

Images via GameFreak

According to Urban Dictionary ‘cheugy’ means “the opposite of trendy – used when someone still follows out-of-date trends. This may include but not be limited to fashion, habits on social media, usage of slang, etc”.

So, as an example. Using the word ‘cheugy’ in 2022 is so cheugy.

There are three options you can pick from:

  • Something super cool
  • Being outdated and uncool
  • It’s a really chewy gumball

From these options, you should pick the second one – “Being outdated and uncool”. Although, personally, I think a really chewy gumball should be the correct answer.

If you avoid temptation and answer correctly, your friendship with Director Clavell will increase. Yay.

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