How To Get Wo-Chien In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

To complete your Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet you’ll need to find out how to get Wo-Chien, one of the four Ruinous Pokemon. Wo-Chien is a hidden legendary snail Pokemon, and it can be found in the south of Paldea.

This guide will show you the locations of all the stakes you’ll need to pull out of the earth to unlock Wo-Chien’s shrine in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How To Get Wo-Chien

To get your hands on Wo-Chien, you’ll need to pull eight stakes from the ground in the south of Paldea. This will unlock Wo-Chien’s shrine and allow you to battle and catch it.

Here’s where you can find each of the stakes you’ll need to unlock Wo-Chien’s shrine. Just bear in mind that you should complete the Titans before you go venturing for these stakes as some may be a lot easier to find if you can climb or swim to them.

  1. On a cliff right next to Artazon overlooking the town.

2. In the north of the rocky area where you fight Klawf atop a large cliff.

3. In the same rocky area, nearer the left side atop another stony cliff.

4. By the riverside to the southeast of Mesagoza.

5. Near Los Platos on a hill.

scarlet and violet wo-chien

6. South of Los Platos atop the waterfall.

scarlet and violet wo-chien

7. Atop a giant spiral path.

scarlet and violet wo-chien

8. Right above Wo-Chien’s shrine to the south.

scarlet and violet wo-chien

How To Get Wo-Chien: Catching It

Once you’ve found all of the stakes you’ll hear a distant cry from a Pokemon, which means the shrine is open. Travel to the location of the shrine as marked below on the map.

scarlet and violet wo-chien

It’s a good idea to turn off autosave and save before you fight Wo-Chien to ensure you don’t accidentally defeat it before you catch it.

Wo-Chien is a Dark/Grass type and likes to use Giga Drain to heal itself. It’s level 60, and it’s hard to catch, so use Ultra Balls or other good Pokeballs for the best chance. Paralysing it or putting it to sleep will improve your chances of a catch.

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