Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Coming Late 2016

During today’s Pokemon Direct, the recently leaked Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon titles were officially confirmed. The games have been stated to release at the end of 2016, for Nintendo 3DS.

No information was said regarding any details of the 7th generation titles, but backwards compatibility with previous Pokemon titles was announced and demoed. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (released tomorrow February 27th)  were shown supporting Pokemon Bank integration, and the Gameboy Advance Pokemon titles were shown having direct transfer compatibility with both Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon.

It’s been 3 years since the last generation of the worlds favourite Pocket Monsters were set into the wild, and it’s more than exciting to engage in the next region of one of gamings most iconic world’s; though it’s rather surprising that Pokemon Z still isn’t a thing. Still, who can complain, to hear of a new generation of Pokemon is every Pokefantaics hope!

Roll(out) on late 2016!

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