Pokemon Unite Blastoise: Best Build 2022

We’re Blast-oising off again!
Blastoise best build in Pokemon Unite

The best build for Blastoise in the popular MOBA Pokemon Unite turns this hefty defender into a fast, bulky, and high-damage fighter. If you’re playing Pokemon Unite, then you’ll know how important it is to optimise your builds. Keep reading to learn more about what the best Blastoise build is for Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Best Build: Moveset

Blastoise best build in Pokemon Unite

To begin with, you should pick Water Gun for decent early-game damage. You’ll then pick up Skull Bash, which can be great to stun enemies and move them into the path of your teammate for easier takedowns. This mobility can also be great for dodging around enemies and scoring points.

At level 5, you can learn the first part of this terrifying combination – Water Spout. Whilst a good move by itself, able to decrease the movement speed of opposing Pokemon, you’ll want to get to level 7 as quickly as possible. This is when you unlock Rapid Spin, which is where this devastating duo of moves can really shine. Rapid Spin turns this tanky defender into a speedy force of mass destruction. You can use Water Spout and your basic attack whilst Rapid Spin is active, dealing continuous damage to nearby enemies. You can chase down fleeing enemies thanks to the increased Movement Speed, and withstand multiple hits in the process thanks to Blastoise’s defensive stats. Rapid Spin also resets the Cooldown of Water Spout.

Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems Loadout

For the optimal Blastoise build, you should look to load up on six Green Emblems to maximize your moves’ Special Attack damage, and 4 White Emblems for extra HP. Your free negative stats to play with are:

• Attack
• Movement Speed
• Critical-Hit Rate

Pokemon Unite: How Should I Play?

Blastoise best build in Pokemon Unite

Looking to team up with your pals and avoid the dreaded Pokemon Unite solo-q? You should look to pair this Blastoise build with healers for extra longevity. Both Blissey and Eldegos are strong choices. Blissey can increase the basic attack speed of Blastoise, whilst Eldegoss can shield Blastoise in early-game fights.

It’s recommended to take the bot lane due to its high EXP yield.

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Pokemon Unite Blastoise Best Build: Items

Since Slow Smoke’s nerf, the trusty Eject Button is a great choice for this Blastoise build. It allows you to reposition your Rapid Spin/Water Spout combination if needed. It also provides an easy escape if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

You should also look to hold the Wise Glasses, Energy Amplifier and Buddy Barrier. The Wise Glasses boost your Special Attack for an extra bit of damage. The Energy Amplifier reduces your move cooldowns, and your Unite Move’s recharge rate, as well as boosting damage after you ult. Finally, Buddy Barrier adds HP and shields, making it a decent durability and survivability item.