Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems: How To Get And Use

Boost Emblems are the latest mechanic to be added to the popular MOBA Pokemon Unite. These nifty little coins are perfect for players who were looking for a way to give themselves the edge during those all-so frustrating Pokemon Unite Ranked matches.

Pokemon Unite: What Are Boost Emblems?

Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite main page

Do you remember the Nature mechanic from the mainline Pokemon games? The one that adjusts your Pokemon’s inherent stats, and is responsible for millions of discarded egg rejects per year? Boost Emblems are a similar thing, just far less distressing to think about for more than 2 seconds.

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Pokemon Unite: How Can I Get Boost Emblems?

Boost Emblems can be obtained via Trainer Rewards during the season. You can also pick them up via the game’s gacha system, Aeos Energy. The more battles you take part in, the more your energy tank is filled. You can then pull the gacha and receive a Boost Emblem. All emblems are available as an Energy Reward and are rewarded at the following percentages:

  • Bronze – 88%
  • Silver – 10%
  • Gold – 2%

Pretty low chance to get a Gold Emblem, right? As you might have guessed, Gold Emblems have a stronger effect than Bronze. Don’t worry though! You can upgrade your Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite. To do so, you’ll need 100 Aeos coins, which you can get from completing missions. You’ll then need to merge three identical bronze Emblems into one Silver Emblem. If you want a Gold Emblem, you’ll then need three identical Silver Emblems to merge.

Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite being merged

To merge your Emblems, return to the home screen and press ZR on Nintendo Switch, or click the Trainer icon on Mobile. You can then see Pokemon Boost Emblems as an option. Click on that and you’ll be able to see all the Emblems you currently own. If you own three, you’ll get a green arrow asking you if you want to merge.

Be warned though! A merged Emblem does not evolve into its next-stage evolution. Three Bronze Bulbasaurs will not become a Silver Ivysaur. Upgrades are only through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold stages.

Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite being merged

You also need to know that whilst Bronze emblems have a 100% merge rate, Silver into Gold only has a 40% chance of success. Don’t panic though – if it fails, you’ll lose your coins, but your Emblems will be returned to you safely.

Pokemon Unite: How Can I Use Boost Emblems?

Each Boost emblem can have a positive and negative effect on your Pokemon’s stats. No long and arduous breeding process is involved! Simply equip and experiment with Emblems that boost your Pokemon’s stats, whilst decreasing ones you don’t really need. For example, if you main a special attacker like Sylveon (good taste), you’ll want to run with a special attack loadout, but could equip some Emblems that reduce your attack stat. This is just like you had a Pokemon that had a Modest nature in the mainline RPGs.