Pokemon UNITE Charizard Best Build

Charizard, which aims to combo into Seismic Slam in its best Pokemon UNITE build
Images via The Pokemon Company

With the Pokemon UNITE Charizard best build, trainers can succeed in online battles using the iconic Fire/Flying-type from Kanto. As one of the most beloved starters since the days of Pokemon Red and Blue, Charizard is undoubtedly a popular pick amongst UNITE players. For tips on how to win with this All-Rounder, here’s what to know about the best build for Charizard in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE Charizard Best Build: Moves And Emblems

Charizard uses Seismic Slam in Pokemon UNITE

Charizard benefits from running two physical attacks in its best Pokemon UNITE build. Fire Punch allows it to dash forward while dealing damage. Flare Blitz has a similar effect, though it has the added bonus of granting Charizard a shield and tossing its opponents into the air briefly.

Crucially, these moves combo into each other well and also set up nicely for Charizard’s Unite Move, Seismic Slam. After slamming into an opponent with Flare Blitz, Charizard can use the brief shield to safely rack up damage with its basic fire breath attack, then combo a Fire Punch into a Seismic Slam finisher.

As far as Boost Emblems go, Charizard benefits from a mix of yellow and black Emblems, since they improve its movement speed out of combat and its move cooldown reduction, respectively. Charizard also benefits from specific Emblems that up its critical hit rate, since it has a naturally high crit rate as is. As a result, useful Emblems for Charizard include the Gold variants of Pikachu, Venomoth and Tentacruel.

Pokemon Unite Charizard Best Build: Items

Charizard in Pokemon UNITE

Given the hyper-offensive nature of the best Pokemon UNITE build for Charizard, it stands to reason that it benefits from items that improve its offensive output. Useful held items include the Muscle Band, which causes its basic attacks to do more damage to opponents with lots of remaining HP, and the Scope Lens, which causes its critical hits to deal even more damage.

Meanwhile, the Energy Amplifier held item makes Charizard’s Seismic Slam combos even more effective. The Energy Amplifier gives Charizard a four-second damage boost after using its Unite Move, while also causing its Unite Move to charge more quickly. Finally, the Eject Button battle item provides Charizard with an additional burst option that it can use to escape from tough fights.

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