Pokemon Unite Gift Codes (November 2022)

The hit free-to-play MOBA has been out on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS for over a year now, but Pokemon Unite is still dropping new goodies to enjoy. Occasionally, the game will give out redeemable codes which you can exchange for free items and other fantastic rewards. For October 2022, here are all of the Pokemon Unite gift codes you can exchange right now.

Pokemon Unite Gift Codes – November 2022

pokemon unite gift codes november 2022
Image Credit: TiMi Studio Group

Below, are the current Pokemon Unite gift codes available to use, tested and proved to be working on Friday, 4 November, 2022 – along with what rewards you get in return. It is encouraged you use these codes as soon as possible, since they can be removed at any time with no expiry date given.

  • UNITE1IN – 100 Aeos coins
  • UNITE1STKR: 3-Day Limited License: Glaceon, Blissey Set (7-Day Rental), 7-Day Battle Point Boost Card x1, 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card x1

Expired Pokemon Unite Gift Codes

The following Pokemon Unite codes have now expired. While these have been listed below so that you can give them a try for yourself, please keep in mind these have been tested on Friday, 4 November, 2022 to be found that they were no longer working.

  • WORLDS2022 – X-Printed White Shirt
  • unite1st – 1x 7-day Battle Point Boost Card, 1x 3-day Glaceon license, 1x 30-day Headband Corphish for 30 days, and 1x 7-day Max Grade Trial Card
  • unite2022 – 1x 7-day Battle Point Boost Card, 1x 3-day Glaceon licence, 1x Max Grade Trial Card, 1x 7-day Pikachu Rental set.

How To Redeem Pokemon Unite Gift Codes

pokemon unite gift codes november 2022 how to redeem
Image Credit: TiMi Studio Group

After logging into the game, go to the Events tab. Then, go into Daily Events and scroll down until you see the Gift Exchange section. Go into there to enter your code, and you’ll know right away if the code redemption was successful.

To claim your rewards, go into the trainer menu on the top left of the main menu. In your Mail section at the very bottom left, you’ll find your gift code items of which you’ll have 29 days to claim.

That’s a wrap on Pokemon Unite gift codes for October 2022! If you’re looking to truly master the game, why not look into some of the best Pokemon builds, like Charizard or Machamp. In fact, you should check out how to apply for the Pokemon Unite test server, so you can test out upcoming Pokemon early!

For even more Pokemon Unite guides, you can be sure to find them right here at The Games Cabin.

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