Pokemon UNITE Machamp Best Build

Machamp, which uses Close Combat and Dynamic Punch in its best Pokemon UNITE build
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The Pokemon UNITE Machamp best build can help trainers find success with this powerful Fighting-type from the Kanto region. Machamp is an All-Rounder Pokemon, meaning it thrives in the midst of battles thanks to its solid offensive and defensive stats. For more information on how to do well with Machamp, check out this guide on the best build for Machamp in Pokemon UNITE.

Pokemon UNITE Machamp Best Build: Moves And Emblems

Machamp attacks a Garchomp in Pokemon Unite

The first move Machamp should run in its best Pokemon UNITE build is Close Combat. With this attack, Machamp can move around and deal massive amounts of damage to any nearby Pokemon. Close Combat also makes Machamp immune to hindrances and even enables it to deal extra damage to Pokemon that have a status condition after it is upgraded.

Machamp also benefits from running Dynamic Punch. Upon using this move, Machamp jumps in a certain direction and punches the ground, dealing damage and stunning nearby enemies. Afterward, Machamp’s Attack and movement speed get a temporary boost and it briefly becomes immune to hindrances. Given Machamp’s low base movement speed, Dynamic Punch is important since it allows Machamp to more easily chase down weakened foes or escape from a difficult fight.

In addition, players can equip up to 10 Boost Emblems to improve Machamp’s chances in battle. The ideal line-up for Machamp includes six orange Emblems and four white Emblems. This combination grants it a 4% Attack increase and a 2% HP increase.

Pokemon UNITE Machamp Best Build: Items

Machamp in Pokemon Unite

The best build for Machamp in Pokemon UNITE includes a mix of items that improve its offensive pressure and its longevity. Its ideal battle item is the Potion, which allows it to regain a bit of health without retreating to a home goal.

This pairs well with its first held item, the Focus Band. The Focus Band restores some of its health every second for three seconds after its HP drops low. When combined, the Potion and Focus Band allow Machamp to stick around a little bit longer and apply extra damage in the midst of teamfights.

To complement this, Machamp benefits from additional held items that up its attack power in most situations. With the Muscle Band equipped, Machamp’s damage output with basic attacks increases by a percentage of its opponent’s remaining health. This allows it to apply large amounts of damage to healthy enemies quickly.

Finally, the Weakness Policy grants Machamp up to four stacks of a temporary Attack boost whenever it gets hit. This synergizes well with the Potion and Focus Band, since it ensures that Machamp can deal more damage by surviving teamfights longer and taking more damage itself.

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