Pokemon Unite Zoroark: Best Build 2022

zoroark best build in Pokemon UNITE

Zoroark’s best build is a hot topic now that this tricky Speedster has finally joined the Pokemon UNITE fray. If you’re looking to splash the cash (literally) and pick up this brand new melee Speedster, you’ll need to know how to take advantage of its unique play style.

Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems Loadout

For the optimal Zoroark build, you should look to load up on six Brown Emblems to maximise your moves’ Attack damage, and 4 White Emblems for extra HP and critical-hit rate. Whilst not as frail as other Speedsters (I’m looking at you, post-nerf Absol), Zoroark still can’t stay in the game for long if ambushed. Your free negative stats to play with are:

• Special Attack
• Movement Speed

It’s recommended to take the jungle due to its high EXP yield. In the early-game, your focus should be on levelling up to Level 7 and scoring as many points as possible.

Best Item Build for Zoroark

The key to running the best Zoroark build is to maximise your damage output. We recommend equipping an X Attack as your battle item due to Zoroark’s late-game evolution and power spike.

Some players are currently experimenting with an Eject Button, which is still OP. However, if you run with the moveset we recommend, you’ll get the mobility you need. More on that in a second.

As mentioned, Zoroark is still quite frail and can easily get overwhelmed if trying to pull off enemy crowd control. We recommend equipping a Full Heal if you’re used to a more aggressive, attacker playstyle.

In terms of held items, it’s best to equip a Score Shield, Attack Weight and Razor Claw. The Attack Weight boosts Zoroark’s attack stat each time you score a goal (up to 6 times). Pair that with a Score Shield to maximise your goals, you’ll be (nearly) unstoppable. When a melee Pokemon holds a Razor Claw, any additional damage also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time. You can stack your attack buffs and trap the other team in place as you take them down.

  • Just getting into the game? Check out our tier list here

Best Moveset for Zoroark

Zoroark’s best build is Shadow Claw and Night Slash. You’ll get a short burst of mobility through Night Slash. The secondary effect is the ability to chain up to six moves and attacks. Zoroark will perform a leap and let off a strong slash move if you can pull it off. Nasty stuff.

Shadow Claw is another ferocious move that stuns the enemy. This move is great to set your teammates in for the kill, whilst you retreat to a safe distance. It’s also great in tandem with Night Slash; Shadow Claw allows you to stun targets, making it easier for you to chain attacks and keep momentum.

Convinced you’ll like Zoroark? It’ll cost you a pretty penny – this Unite Licence is currently only obtainable by spending a whopping 1318 Aeos Gems. Typically, the £17.99 Aeos Gem bundle leaves you just short, so unless you’ve got some spare Aeos Gems lying around, you’ll need to cough up £34.99 for 2450 Aeos Gems. You do get the Costume Party Style Zoroark Holowear in this, however. Zoroark will be available to buy with Aeos Coins on November 2, 2022 PDT, a week after its release.