Potionomics Cauldron Upgrades: How To Get Them

Potionomics’ cauldrons are a staple in your potion making career and you’re going to need to invest in them as soon as you can! Here are all of the Cauldron upgrades you can get in Potionomics and how you can get them.

Potionomics: How To Upgrade Your Cauldron

Where can you upgrade your cauldron? At Muktuk’s! Muktuk is a character you’ll unlock early on, but you won’t have access to all his upgrades or cauldrons just yet. With each rival defeated and when your potion-making license upgrades, you’ll see more and more upgrades available at your disposal. In particular, cauldrons. Among Muktuk’s selection of cauldrons, you’ll find these. 

  • Mudpack Cauldron 
  • Glass Cauldron
  • Storm Cauldron
  • Ocean Cauldron
  • Shadow Cauldron
  • Crystal Cauldron 
  • Steel Cauldron
  • Celestial Cauldron
  • Artic Cauldron
  • Crater Cauldron
  • Dragon Cauldron
  • Magical Wasteland Cauldron

Unlike Muktuk’s ageing barrels, Cauldront don’t need any additional materials other than a stack of gold. Among the cauldrons, the best one to invest is is the Magical Wasteland Cauldron with it’s base max ingredients at 13 and max magimins at 900. You can upgrade the Magical Wasteland Cauldron to increase its max magimins, in which case you’ll need an additional 2,220 gold and one Arcane Quartz. In order to get an Arcane Quartz your best bet is to keep an eye on Baptise’s research trips, where he might be offering one. Or you can hope for the best in one of Salt and Pepper’s treasures boxes, or you will have to send a hero to the Magical Wastelands in hopes they’ll retrieve one. 

However, we would highly recommend you save your fortunes and invest in both the cauldron and the upgrades, they will help you when it comes to the final round of the competition where you need to create Masterwork potions – each of which needs a large number of magimins and thus a large number of ingredients. As you make progress with each level of the competition, you’ll unlock more options for your potion making but your cauldron is your most important tool. You won’t be able to make the high quality needed potions without a cauldron capable of high magimins. 

Now you know how to upgrade your Cauldron in Potionomics! For more guides, keep reading The Games Cabin.