Potionomics: How To Make Money Fast

Potionomics is all about money and making it fast. It’s a thinly veiled take on being trapped in the capitalist loop – all tucked away behind the more fantastical and colourful fantastical themes. But fantasy or not, Sylvia is trapped under her late uncle’s outstanding debt and needs to work hard to pay it off, lest her inherited potion shop gets taken from her. But furthermore, you need to make special potions for the individual rounds of a Potion-making competition, and as you progress through the rounds, the potions get harder to make and you need to upgrade both your equipment and your ingredients – neither of which are free. 

Potionomics is a wonderfully sweet and charming game but it does require a lot of forethought and strategy. But having a lot of money, as in most scenarios, makes things a whole lot easier. So here are a few ways to help yourself make money fast in Potionomics. 

Potionomics Luna’s Marketing Services

Using Luna’s Marketing Packages can be seen as an investment. If you pair a specific campaign with the right combination, you could make a substantial amount of money in a day. 

If you want quick money that doesn’t require too much preparation, go for the Basic Potions or Basic Tonics campaigns. That way, once you’ve bought that package, you can return to your shop and start brewing a number of potions or tonics ahead of the next day’s marketing bonus. 

Potionomics Baptiste’s Ingredients

Although you won’t get a lot of ingredients from Baptiste’s investments, it’s not the number of ingredients you want, it’s just one good one. Because once you’ve got a good ingredient with a number of buffs and benefits, all you need to do is go back and start farming them in your garden. 

Using your gardening slimes, you can start to duplicate these special ingredients you just got. Try and be on the lookout for ingredients that can make a potion on their own, having multiple coloured magimins, and be sure they’ve also got some good benefits. Duplicating these gives you the option to give one to Quinn but also use them in your own spells, quickly and cheaply making new and powerful potions that you can sell off. Again, try and combine this with your Marketing campaign. 


One of the most important things you need to remember is never to hoard your gold, the best and most efficient way to get money is – believe it or not – spending it. The game offers you a wide variety of upgrades to both your shop and your tools, and the more money you end up investing in your shop, whether that’s by buying more and better cauldrons or barrels or if it’s you buying more space in your shop so you can sell more; you mustn’t be shy in spending your money. With the right equipment and the right tools, you’ll soon find your purse rewarded. 

Potionomics Money Tips

Some general tips for money-making: 

  • Once you get a new ingredient, immediately give it to Quinn. Don’t waste it on a potion, start to expand Quinn’s shop. 
  • As you get more and more ingredients, try to avoid those with debuffs. Prioritize those with buffs and benefits. 
  • Upgrade your tools and equipment.
  • Invest in fuel, and spend less time brewing so you can make more potions. 
  • The higher the quality potion, the more expensive you’ll be able to sell it for. 

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