Pre-Order God of War: Ascension at Gamestop And Get King Leonidas

 god of war

This is Sparta!


If your planning on pre-ordering God of War: Ascension, this may just be of interest to you.

By placing your  pre-order at Gamestop you’ll receive a special bonus in the shape of 300’s King Leonidas as a playable multiplayer character.

Here’s a snippet from the official Sony blog:

“We are very excited to partner with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to offer you the chance to play as one of the biggest badasses in Greek history on the God of War: Ascension multiplayer battlefield,” says Anthony Caiazzo, SCEA product marketing manager. “Donning King Leonidas’s red cape, iconic helmet, and armor you will stand apart as one of the ultimate warriors of Sparta. King Leonidas also comes with his iconic spear, which has its own set of unique combat moves.”

Will you be jumping on this pre-order bonus?

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