Pro Evo 2016 Free-to-Play Confirmed, Coming to PS4/PS3 December

Typical Frenchman; pink boots.

Konami has announced today that Pro Evo 2016 will indeed be getting a free-to-play version, as we first reported last week after finding a rating for the game.

The subsequent story was quickly nicked by bigger websites, but we won’t dwell too much on that. Ahem, screw you, GameSpot, MCVUK, and countless others

The free-to-play version of Pro Evo 2016 has only been confirmed by Konami for the PS4 and PS3, so we’re not sure yet as to whether the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC will receive the free release. According to the press release by Konami, Pro Evo 2016 Free-to-Play will be an “entry-level” offering that we suspect is to lure in the FIFA crowd. The release will be digital-only, as expected and will feature the main game’s training mode, exhibition matches and seven teams, including Brazil, France, AD Roma, and Juventus. Players will also have unlimited access to PES’ MyClub mode where Konami will make its money with microtransactions.

PES 2016 Free-to-Play will also be updated in line with the full release.

We actually really enjoyed Pro Evo 2016 and gave it a generous review, but whether the free-to-play version will be as warmly received is something we’ll find out when the game releases on December 8th.