Project Cars Dev Speaks on PS4 Issues, Day One Patch and How Quality is “F*cking Important”

Project Cars is only a few days away, our anticipation levels are sky high and our dreams are filled with petrol and tarmac.

According to players who have managed to get themselves an early copy of the upcoming racer, there’s a few problems that are causing a wee bit of annoyance.

Some players are reporting that the in-game motion blur isn’t performing as it should, causing the in-car view to be a bit of a mess at times with the drivers hands blurring around like a strobe show.

There’s also complaints that the PS4 version’s blurring is much more extreme that on the Xbox One.

The developers are aware of the issue, an issue they thought was corrected before the game went gold, but it’s also possible that the issue will still be present come release day.

It’s entirely possible that this is a geniune bug though – so was the capture from a video or from a shop running the game? If it’s from a shop it’s worth checking if the game has the D1P patch applied since it may already have been fixed.

Slighty Mad Studios have been quite active over on popular gaming forum NeoGaf, often answering the questions of the site’s users and taking in the feedback from the community to better their game.

One poster on the site questioned why the developers were bothering with the claims that there are visual discrepancies between the Xbox One and PS4 version (it’s mentioned by some that the PS4 version has some issues, check them for yourself here,and here, here.

The Slighty Mad team took the opportunity to answer quite openly and honestly, further showing their dedication and commitment to their product.

Because about what I’ve said about the hundreds of people that have looked at our game in the QA process etc etc before it was viewed by the public, there is a small possibility here that people might have spotted a geninue bug, so despite it being a minor thing in the scheme of things, I want to get to the bottom of it. Call me OCD but a few hours of feedback conversion to perfect a possible visible error to a few percent of people who pay for our game is f*cking important.

The team also revealed that the day one patch managed to get certified on the first attempt so the day one patch will indeed be a day one patch, not a day 13 or day 20.

Ha! This is actually down time for me – the game going gold was super cool and the D1P being certified earlier in the week on the first submission was great for the team. In the scheme of things we did our best and made it to the finish line. I don’t see bugs like the one under discussion as a big issue because with several million video views it’s only mentioned by a few people or in direct comparisons. But the info here is genuienly useful and will be actioned internally – and that’s how WMD always has worked – people providing videos/comparisons and setup conditions to allow the render or game team to fix stuff.

It’s always good to see developers taking the time to engage with their communities. These days it’s become a lot more formal with players being treated as customers, when in fact, most players are big fans and active supporters of their favourite franchises, studios and platforms of choice. Kudos to Slight Mad Studios.

Project Cars releases on May 7th in the EU, May 8th in the UK and May 12 in the US and Canada. If you’ve not pre-ordered your copy then you can do so here to get some extra DLC and some cheeky free delivery.

via Neogaf

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