Project CARS for PS4 Only $2.99 via Amazon [Updated]

[Update 02:20 GMT] Wow, faster than a Bugatti Veyron on acid, Amazon has killed this mega deal. Bummer. Still, it might go live again later on. Fingers crossed, eh?

Whoops – looks like there may have been a bit of a pricing fumble over at online retailer as the outlet is currently flogging Project Cars on PS4 for the very, very generous price of $2.99.

Best of all? It bloody works. Numerous players are reporting over social media that their purchases have been successful and that they’re able to download the full game with no issues.

You can get your digital copy here for $2.99. It’s worth noting that the product page states that it’s for the limited edition upgrade, but reports are coming in that the actual full game is being included. Whether this one will last long remains to be seen, but we recommend you grab it while it’s hot.

Did you manage to grab a cheap copy of Project CARS? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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