Project Cars Studio Head: Exciting and Titillating Things to Come; Offers Xbox One Lobby Solution

Xbox One players who are getting stuck into Slighty Mad Studios’ Project Cars are having a bit of a tough time when it comes to the multiplayer offerings – the lobby support is non-existent.

We told you earlier today that the developers states that it’s actually due to “first party” reasons that the Xbox One release doesn’t come with as many features as the PS4 and PC release, but there are ways to improve it.

Writing on the official Project Cars forum, one of the network engineers working on the Xbox One version offered a solution of sorts for those who want to race with their buddies and not some random folks from the internet.

“Hi guys, just wanted to quickly post that there is an easy way to join the online lobbies of friends or people you follow on Xbox Live without them having to manually invite you – you can use the Friends app on your Xbox One to find your friends and select the “Join Game” option from their detailed profile view. This will work as long as those players haven’t created a private session (in which case they will have to manually invite you). From within the app you can also see which of your friends is currently playing Project Cars.

The developers previously stated that Project Cars on Xbox One would receive a performance boost from a future patch, but there’s also the possibility of bringing the multiplayer lobbies up to the same standard as the PS4 and PC versions.

“As for browsing available sessions like on PC and PS4 we are looking at the possibility of adding the session browser to the Xbox One version of the game in an upcoming patch.”

Patches and updates aren’t the only things being tinkered with behind the scenes, though. The developers are working on some extra content as we speak. Slighty Mad Studios’ Studio Head recently teased that there are some special things in the pipeline, stating that “there’s a lot coming that will excite and titillate.”

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