Project Cars Xbox One Frame Rate Improvements Incoming; Patches Taking Twice as Long Due to QA

Slightly Mad Studios’ Project Cars has been out in the wild for a few days now and players have been getting to grips with the crowd-developed racer.

During that time players have reported various bugs, issues and the like, though not everything has been negative as the game has been well received by enthusiasts of the racing genre.

However, the Xbox One release of Project Cars has come under fire from quite a few for its underwhelming multiplayer suite as well as some dodgy visuals and less-than-smooth frame-rate.

We previously reported that the developer would be pushing out a patch to improve the performance of the game running on Microsoft’s machine by between 4-7%, though there was no mention of what would be improved upon.

Well, according to Slighty Mad Studios’ studio head, the Xbox One version of Project Cars will be getting an improved frame-rate thanks to a future patch.

“We’re pushing constantly on frame-rate and are finding a little more every few days. This will ship in a future patch.”

However, don’t expect the latest patches to be pulling out of the cockpit at speed. The developers revealed that testing for upcoming patches has to first go through the game’s publisher Bandai Namco who run their own tests before passing the content on to Microsoft and Sony, and, presumably Nintendo when the Wii U version releases.

When asked why, the developers stated that it’s to protect the publisher’s reputation which is fully understandable and quite commendable. It’s good to see a publisher that actually cares about what has their name attached.

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  1. lol I set the XO at 720p and turned off the post processing effects(the rest of the visual effects staying as default)now the game runs like a champion.Before the frame drops was extremely visible with tearing but now even under the storm with 46 cars I see zero drops.Not kidding at all.

  2. I’ve been racing the karts for about four hours now on the Xb1 and really haven’t noticed any framerate issues. I guess I’m not deep enough into the game yet. This game is not as broken as some say. The four hours of play time I’ve had with the game have really been enjoyable.

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