PS Plus April: First Game Revealed Early, Armature’s Dead Star for PS4

We’ve only just gotten around to installing all of March’s PS Plus freebies, yet we are now preparing for what’s to come in April. Bonkers, no?

April is still a few weeks away and Sony is usually very secretive about what games are going to be dished out to PS Plus subscribers, but in an unusual turn of events the platform holder has already revealed one of April’s free titles.

Those who pre-ordered Armature’s Dead Star for PS4 will find a pleasant little message on their PS4 from the developers. The message thanks players for pre-ordering the game but states that they will receive a refund as the game will be released free for PS Plus in April. Not a bad deal, eh? What makes it all the more sweeter is that those who pre-ordered also got access to a Dead Star PS4 theme which they can still keep after getting a refund. Not bad, Armature, not bad indeed.

So, that’s one of your freebies, we’ll have to wait and see what the rest of them are.

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