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PS Plus Games Not Showing as Free for Everyone, Take Care Before You Download

This month’s PS Plus offerings have gone live and while we’re having no problem downloading the latest freebies from the PSN, quite a few users are experiencing some issues.

The problem seems to be coming from players accessing the PSN via their PS4 which in turn shows other titles such as inFamous: First Light as being free when in fact it’s not.

inFamous: First Light was free a few months back, but those who are having issues are reporting that the title is shown as ‘free’ within the PS4’s PSN store, but instead of allowing players to download the game for free players are being charged full price.

There is a work-around of sorts and thankfully it’s pretty simple: use your web browser. If you simply access the PSN store via a web browser then it should show the correct games for this month. So take a little care when you log on to download your free goodies.

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