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PS Plus July 2015 Games Are Now Live, You’ll Just Have to Search for Them

This month’s PS Plus offerings are sure to be keep PlayStation fans busy (and out of the sun) no matter what platform you choose to play on.

What’s nifty is that the free titles have all gone live on the PSN, although it’s not immediately obvious. Usually you’d navigate to the ‘PS Plus’ section of the store and find a handy list of all the freebies available. However, at the time of writing the games are live, but aren’t shown within the usual setting. So you’ll have to do a quick search for them. Actually – no you won’t. We’ve got you covered with a few handy links down below to guide you on your way to freebie-heaven.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

Rocket League

Styx: Master of Shadows




Please note that the above are links for European users, but if you’re a North American player then let us know down below if the games are also live your end.

It’s a little odd that the games have been made available so quickly as store updates usually take place sometime in the afternoon for us Europeans. Hopefully this means store updates will be going live in such a timely manner in the future.

It’s a great month for PS Plus, especially with the awesome Rocket League which is supposed to carry the price tag of £15.99. Styx also usually goes for £24.99, so these two games alone are already making the yearly subscription worth it.

What will you be jumping into first? Shout all about it down in the comments section below.

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        1. so you say you use the PS4 as your console, but then say the games you are interested in are Halo, and Gears of War..? Well cleaaarly you dont use your Playstation for its exclusives so then how could you complain..!?

          1. i did like uncharted & LOU but the lifespan on those games are short, the multiplayer also sucks for them, except for uncharted 2 which had some potential & now with the remaster collection it has no mp which is a terrible idea.

            the only reason i have a ps4 is for the cod dlc exclusive deal & that my friends are all on it… doesn’t mean i can’t point it’s flaws… oh & look psn is down too…

          2. im not saying you cant point out its flaws.. im just saying look at your comment and tell me if you think that didnt seem a little iffy..? Uncharted 2 was a BEAST Online mode and i loved it lol..

            But as for the remaster the game is shipping with Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta, so it sorta evens out…?

          3. a 1 week temporary beta doesn’t make up for no multiplayer, besides it will probably flop anyway like uc3

          4. we dont know how long the beta will be for… secondly the UC3 multiplayer wasnt a flop it just wasnt as good as UC2, i as long as hundreds of thousands of others sunk quite a large chunk of our time on it

          5. you know when it’s a flop when they don’t include a multiplayer in the remaster..

          6. but using your logic you’re saying the Uncharted 2 multiplayer is a flop 2 because its not included in the remaster neither, so that literally was a failed argument considering you earlier said the UC2 multiplayer was good…

      1. No.

        PS4 officially, OFFICIALLY, has the single lowest figure for total amount of games compared to Steam, Xbox One, 360, PS3 and the Wii.

        So yeah, PS4 has no games.

        1. So having fewer games than other console equals having none at all now ? That’s a cool way of thinking.

          Also, last times i checked both my consoles’s stores, i’m pretty sure the Xbone had less games availabled than the ps4 did.

  1. I’m sorry but this months + games are weak as hell on PS4, I know bitching about free shit is an asshole move but come on if your going to boast about giving the best free games compared to XLive at least give one AAA or really good indie. Everyone already has AC4 but at least that’s a really decent game.

    1. nah I agree with u 10000%. remember when we used to get really good games? what the hell happened? I know they wanna support indies but man what happened to the good stuff? on xbl they are giving waayyy better stuff

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