PS Vita Exclusive Digimon World: Next Order Gets a Fancy New Trailer

Digimon is a series that has somehow managed to stand the test of time. Back when this scribe was a wee-lad, Digimon ruled the playground; video games, trading cards, cartoons, they’re all you’d hear on the schoolyard of Ysgol Aberconwy. These days, you’re more likely to find a bunch of kids with identical hair cuts, identical trainers, and identical skinny jeans discussing the best camping tactics for Call of Duty. Oh how the times have changed…

Still, it’s impressive to see that Bandai Namco has manged to keep the franchise alive, but what’s even more impressive is that it’s releasing a game exclusively for the PS Vita.

The game is due out on March 17th in Japan, but there’s no release date set for the West just yet. It’ll probably end up here eventually, but don’t expect it too soon after the Japan release. There’s a new trailer down below for fans to gawp over. Remember: Importing is always an option. Might be worth picking up a Japanese-to-English phrase book, too.