PS Vita Exclusive Net High Gets a Batch of New Screenshots and Gameplay Details

Publisher Marvelous has sent out a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming PS Vita exclusive Net High which will be releasing in Japan later on this year.

The new selection of screenshots are viewable down in the gallery below, but before you go clicking away at the images you’ll probably want to read on about what Net High has in store.

You’ll be tasked with investigating ‘riajuu’, who are folks that live happy, fulfilling lives and don’t really have much to worry about. Just regular folk.  Or are they? Well, no, not really. They are the enemy after all.

As the riajuu are the bad guys you’ll be tasked with investigating them by stalking their movements as they go shopping. All sounds a bit sketchy, doesn’t it? It’s for a good cause, though, as when you complete your stalking you’ll have gathered enough information to weed out the lies being told by the riajuu.

You won’t be doing it all by yourself as you’ll get hints and tips from your allies who ship along information to you online. Speaking of online… You’ll also partake in some social media trolling in an effort to stir up a bit of trouble online in an effort to learn some new information.

To be fair, the tweeting sounds fairly plausible and does happen in real life. However, the next part is a little more creepy and makes is thankful that wearable tech isn’t quite as advanced as it is in Net High.

You can use your high-tech glasses to trace the lives of people. Yes, stalking has gone proper high tech. We’re just happy this isn’t a real thing.

There’s also a bit of Sherlock Holmes in action, too. Once you’ve gathered a sizeable amount of information you can trigger a brainstorm period where different words that are connected to the information will flash up and it’ll be down to you to make the connections.

Of course, being a Japanese game there is the mandatory pervy aspect that sees you pin girls against walls, hold their hands and talk to them as well as pat them on the head like good little dogg- er, ladies? Yeah, it’s not going to be for everyone but for those who don’t get out much, it’s probably the closest they’ll come to interacting with a woman…

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