PS Vita PCH-1000 L2/R2 Grips Delayed Shipping With Play-Asia

One of the more annoying things about the PS Vita is its lack of proper L2/R2 buttons. It’s fine without them for regular PS Vita games, but when you want to do some remote play and you’re needing to hit L2/R2 quite regularly, tapping the back touchpad just doesn’t do it.

Thankfully some ladies and gents in Japan came up with a nifty contraption that allows you to play with a more traditional set up of four shoulder buttons as opposed to the Vita’s usual two. The bad news is that it’s only officially available in Japan, but it is being made available in other territories via Play-Asia. The bad news is that it’s delayed by about a month. Those who pre-ordered their units expected to see the grip arrive sometime in March, but Play-Asia has since updated its site and is emailing customers to inform them that the expected shipping date is the back-end of April. Buggery.

It’s not the end of the world but it is a wee bit annoying; yours truly here has ordered two and was looking forward to testing them out. Ah well…

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