PS Vita Price Cut – Limited Time Offer!

PS Vita Console

 [UPDATE] Apparently the price was an error and was not supposed to be sold at $179.99, Target has apologised for any confusion.

There are only 2 reasons not to own a PS Vita:

1. You are a dead person, you reside in a wooden box 6 feet beneath the Earth.

2. You can’t afford to spend $300 in one go.

If you’re dead, unlucky. Thanks for reading though.

If you are not dead, but can’t afford a Vita due to its high price, Target can help you. are willing to sell you a PS Vita bundle worth $299.99 for only $179.99, which included an 8GB memory card, 3G with AT&T and a free downloadable game.

That’s a 40% price cut saving you over $120!

It’s a limited time offer though so if you have the funds available, now is the time to head over to Target and place your order now!

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