PS4 Exclusive Shadow of the Beast Rated for Strong Violence and Themes

Did you know about Shadow of the Beast? We’ll be completely honest and admit that it’s slipped under our radar. We’re not to blame, though, honest, ‘guv! With the sheer amount of announcements of last year it’s hard to keep up to date with every single release, and our excel spreadsheet is just full of takeaway websites/phone numbers…

The fact is, Shadow of the Beast is coming this year to the PS4, and it’s recently been rated by the ratings people in the land down-under (read: Australia, if you’re from Australia, read: ‘Straya).

The game has been rated as being suitable for those over the age of 15 due to its strong violence and moderate themes. We’re still no closer to knowing what ‘themes’ are… So if you’re a wee nipper who’s looking to play Shadow of the Beast on PS4 then you’re out of luck, mate.

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