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PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn Looks Great in 9 Minute Preview Clip

We’re secretly hoping that Supermassive Games’ upcoming B-movie horror title Until Dawn turns out to be a decent game. We’re quite fond of the slasher-movies of the 90’s and it looks like Until Dawn follows those set guidelines quite closely.

There’s still a month to go until we actually get our hands on the thriller, but we’ve got some new gameplay to pour over thanks to a clip uploaded to YouTube.

It’s got a few jumpy moments, so it may be best to put down any valuables lest you throw them in terror. It’s a fairly good-looking game, too. Granted, it’s not the most graphically advanced game on the market, but we’re impressed with it. Check out the clip down below.

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      1. This game can be finished several times in a week, I can almost guarantee that.. Or atleast your first play through.. And be a good breather between a lengthy Phantom Pain.

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