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PS4 Media Player App Might Be Getting Some Nice Improvements in Future

The PS4’s media player app is alright, isn’t it? It does what it says on the tin; nothing more, nothing less. That’s sort of the problem, though, at least for some people.

The addition of DLNA support was welcomed by many as it allows home-streaming of media from around the house. It’s handy as hell and we’ve been using it since day one to stream movies. That said, it could still do with a few improvements to bring it up to par with the best media players that we have on our PC’s, tablets and smart phones.

Thankfully, then, it looks like Sony knows that changes and improvements are needed, as a new survey indicates the firm is looking to gather feedback on what customers want/need in their media players. ┬áHere’s a few of the proposed improvements:

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  1. Not bad at all, Chris. However, I still strongly push for the ability of mp3 playback from the PS4 HDD like the PS3 offered and not this stupid and superfluous Flash Drive Mp3 playback. I mean it’s surprise Sony didn’t just sell a propietary Flash Drive for Mp3 playback as well.

    1. Whoops, missed this comment, sorry for the late reply Jason!

      Butbyeah, totally agree on the MP3 playback. Annoys the bejeezus out of me having to have a USB jammed in the console when I want to play DriveClub with a bit of James Blunt, erm, I mean The Killers…

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