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PS4 Price Drop Announced for North America, Finally

We all knew it was coming, didn’t we? After Sony slashed the price of entry for the PS4 in Asia and Japan, we’ve all been waiting to hear about when western territories will get the same treatment.

It’s already started in the UK, though somewhat unofficially, but it’s now an official thing in North America, so that’s including Canada, too.

The price drop actually became official from October 9th where the retail price was dropped across a range of bundles. The bundles in question are likely to be this holiday season’s big hitters, so we’re expecting to see many a last-gen gamer make the jump within the next couple of months.

The full pricing breakdown is listed below, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

ps4 price drop USA

The questions that we’re all asking now is: when will the UK and Europe get an official price cut, and how will Microsoft respond with the Xbox One?

We’d love to see the platform holder knock a few quid off the Xbox One and keep the entry barrier the same as it means more people playing more of each consoles, which can only be a good thing.

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