PS4 Software Update 3.50 Beta 3 Goes Live

The PS4’s latest software update, 3.50, is going through a round of beta testing. For those who signed up and received an email from Sony to say that they are¬†invited to participate in the software update beta can download the latest such version.

There’s nothing really special about the third leg of the beta but we imagine it’s better to have it installed rather than not. It’s not a particularly large download as it’ll only set you back 300.5MB.

The beta does come with some limitations, though, one of which is a massive pain in the neck for this keyboard jockey: no PS Vita remote play. Still, the features included so far are a nice touch and we’re¬†looking forward to the full public release, though there’s no release date as of yet.

If you become unhappy with the beta, you can always switch back to the current release which is version 3.15.

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