PS4/PS Vita Shoot ‘Em Up Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours is Likely to Release in the West

Some great news for PS4 and PS Vita owners: it looks like Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours will release in the west after all. Well, probably.

It’s also likely that PS Vita owners will be a bit more excited than PS4-only players; the PS4 has tons of great games coming out, the PS Vita – not so many. But hey, this is something and it’s better than nothing.

The game is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up much like the ones of years gone by. It’s being developed exclusively for the PS Vita, PS4, and PC and was announced back in August of this year – for Japan. It’s due out in the land of dodgy sometime later this year, but there’s been no official announcement for western territories.

However, the Brazilian ratings board has once again come up good by rating a game we previously didn’t think we’d be playing. Good lads. The ratings authority has rated the game for PS Vita and PS4, though obviously there are no release dates mentioned; that’s not their job.


    1. Nah bro, you gotta spice up your articles with unoriginal attempts at humor. Giving news straightforward without any fluff is just boring and too efficient.

      1. The jokes might be a bit off-point at times, but at least it’s better than reading some soulless crap written by a robot. A bit of personality and humour is always a good thing. That said, feedback is appreciated.

  1. Darius burst ??? for ps4 ?? am i dreaming ?? waited for this game since ps1 G- Darius .
    if only Raycrisis , Einhander, R-type, Contra, Super Metroid 2 , Metal Slug , Final fight return as well. been waiting for these games for years. hardcore can have crapfest open world games.

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