PS4/PS3/PS Vita Games Reduced Thanks to PSN Retro Sale, Extra Discount for PS Plus Members

Sales are our third favourite things in life after peach iced tea and freebies, so it’s with a heavy heart that we’re reporting that no free ice tea is being dished out, but instead there’s a decent sale going on over on the PSN. Yeah, sad times.

The latest sale to burrow a hole in your bank account is actually really good and has a few top-tier titles included. We’ve got the excellent Grim Fandango: Remastered up for grabs, along with Quantic Dreams’ beautifully told tale in Beyond: Two Souls. There’s also Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and even Trials Fusion for the biking fanatics among you. Lets also not forget about PS One classics, because there are a couple up on sale, too.

Sure, some of those titles aren’t quite retro (looking at you Beyond: Two Souls and Trial Fusion) but they’re being discounted anyway, so we’re not complaining. As per usual, PS Plus members can get an extra bit of discount; so make sure your subscription is up to date in order to save a few bob. For the full rundown of goodies being offered at lower prices, point your thumb/mouse/finger here and have a gander.

The retro themed sale will run until August 31st; quite handy that it’s coming at the time of the month when everyone gets paid, eh? Sneaky Sony. Smart, but sneaky.

Anything take your fancy in this retro sale, or is your hard drive already bulging with games? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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