PS5 Pro and Xbox Series X|S Upgrades Expected as Early as Next Year

TCL Technology’s conference showed the predicted timeline

About a year and a half have passed since the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S/X release. What started as a rocky beginning, these companies have sold a combined 30 million next-gen consoles. Many who have gotten their hands on these consoles are seeing the peak of gaming. Sony and Microsoft are already looking to the future and have even bigger plans for their respective consoles.

TCL Technology held a conference where the company showed the hardware for previous generations of gaming consoles and the next to come. TCL labeled PS5 and the Xbox Series S/X Gen 9.0, the next step being Gen 9.5. Generation 9 came with 4K as almost being standard, HDR capability, and the possibility of 1440p for those who’ve yet to get a 4K display.

Looking at the Gen 9.5 predictions from TCL, it seems as though the potential graphics will be on par with an RX7700XT GPU. For those not familiar with PC graphics cards, that’s insanely good – at the time of writing, it is yet to be released.

While this does leave some expectations up in the air, it could mean we’re in store for graphics way beyond our current expectations. The next generation of consoles are also predicted to support 8K resolutions as standard alongside the possibility for 2160p.

On the prediction timeline for TCL Technologies, the prediction is that Generation 9.5 will come in either 2023 or 2024. While this is still some time away, this gives Sony time to catch up with the current demand for PS5. While it did take over a year, Microsoft finally caught up on demand for the Xbox Series X and the console is regularly readily available online and at physical retail locations.

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