PSN Down for Some; Social and Gaming Issues “due to Factors External to PSN” – Update: PSN is Down

[Update: 01:15 GMT] Things have just gotten a little worse with the PSN outage. Instead of it just being social and gaming services being unavailable, the official status page has since updated to state that more services are having issues. So, in short: PSN is down, like, proper down.

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Just as we were getting ready to pop on the party hats and start celebrating the fact the PSN has managed to go a week without an outage, the service goes offline.

It’s a good news/bad news situation. For some, the PSN seems to be working flawlessly (The Games Cabin HQ is still connected, thankfully) but for others it’s just not playing ball. The official PlayStation status page notes that players “may be experiencing issues related to launching certain games or game functionality. This is due to factors external to PSN. We are tracking the progress of the resolution of the issue.”

The fact that the status page says the outage is due to external factors may alarm some, but it’s not what you may think. While the PSN has been attacked by outside forces in the past, it usually led to a much wider outage. On this occasion it’s not entirely clear what’s causing the outage, but at the time of writing, it doesn’t look to be a malicious attack by naughty internet trolls.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the latest PSN outage, so be sure to keep checking in with The Games Cabin.

Are you affected by the latest bout of PSN downtime? Give us a shout down below and let us know how it’s affecting you.