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PSN is Having Issues on PS Vita, Possibly PS4 and PS3 [Updated]

If you’ve settled down this evening with your PS Vita and intend to maybe go online and play some Killzone: Mercenary, or buy a new game from the PSN, you’ll likely find yourself hitting a wall of frustratimg error messages.

We first noticed earlier this evening that the PSN on the Vita was acting up, but a few hours later and we’re still no closer to actually doing anything.

Upon browsing the store we’re constantly bombarded with error messages that are sometimes replaced with a message stating the service is undergoing maintenance.

It’s a royal pain in the bum, but according to the official status page, everything’s in order. However, a quick look at social media paints a different story, and some are even claiming the PSN on PS4 and PS3 is having a wobble. Thankfully, we’re not having any problems with the latter consoles, though it may be a regional thing.

We’ll be keeping an eye on it, provided we don’t get too intoxicated with the Christmas festivities…

[Update 01:30 GMT: Aaaand we’re still having problems. A sign of the impending apocalypse, or just a hiccup in the system? We’ll know soon enough.]

[Update 2: The PSN is working splendidly. May the festivities ensue.]

[Update 3: We spoke too soon: The PSN is having some problems, most notably with the store. This could just be a case of too many people flocking online to grab up some of the January Sale deals.]

[Update 4: It’s touch and go at the moment, but a sudden surge in complaints online has got us quaking in our Cabin boots. Stay tuned for updates.]

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