Quantum Break

Quantum Break Rated on PC and Xbox One by Brazilian Classification Board

Update: As caught by StelioKontos09 on Reddit, the Brazilian Classification Board has a history of rating console-exclusive games for PC incorrectly. Mark this one as unconfirmed and unlikely!


An interesting bit of news about Quantum Break this morning puts the game’s Xbox One exclusivity in question. As uncovered by Gematsu, it appears that the Brazilian classification board, who give out ratings for games released in Brazil, have not only rated Quantum Break for Xbox One, but also for PC.

In both cases, the game was rated as not recommended for children under sixteen, which comes as no surprise to anyone. The board cited drugs, violence, and explicit language as the reasoning behind the rating.

Last year, Remedy Entertainment head Sam Lake said he hoped the game would come to PC one day, and it looks like his wish might be fulfilled. Remedy has been developing Quantum Break for the Xbox One with Microsoft as it’s publishing partner, so this might be another signal that the Redmond-based computing giant is putting more focus on Windows as a gaming platform.

Microsoft is holding an Xbox and Windows press event in late February, and we might hear more official information about Quantum Break on PC then. Until that happens, we’re counting this news as semi-solid unofficial confirmation, as rating boards are usually spot on with these sorts of things.

If the PC version of the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey shooter is confirmed as in existence, we expect that it may launch alongside the Xbox One version due to their simultaneous rating. We wouldn’t be surprised, however, if a Rise of the Tomb Raider type of short console exclusivity brings the PC version to market a few months after the April 5th release date.

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