Quantum Break’s TV Episodes Will Need 75GB of Hard Drive Space

Quantum Break

Bloody hell. That’s the reaction here at The Games Cabin when we found out how much space the episode pack for the Xbox One version of Quantum Break will need.

Quantum Break is doing something a little differently than most games. See, the game has a live-action counterpart that’s presented like a TV show, and what you do in the game influences what happens in the mini-series. Simple enough concept but it’s still pretty new in the world of video games.

You’ll be able to stream the episodes on your Xbox One, but if you really, really, really want to have them saved on your hard drive to watch at a later date or whatever, you’re going to need 75GB of hard drive space free. Ouch. That’s a lot for four regular size episodes. However, what we must remember is that there are multiple branching paths that the story can follow which, in turn, may make the download higher. Still, it’s bloody massive.

Quantum Break releases this April 5th. You can get your copy here from Amazon and save a whopping 11 cents. Wow. Jump on that deal, guys.


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